“2013- The Dawn of A Sparkling Era”
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Vihangun Ariyaratne, the newly appointed Chief Strategic Officer (CSO) of MoraSpirit and the key figure of the organization’s stride towards success, joined us for a friendly chat where he voiced his thoughts, dreams & aspirations regarding Moraspirit!


First of all congratulations Vihangun on your new appointment! We would like to hear about your early days at MoraSpirit.

Thank you very much!

I joined MoraSpirit in January 2011 as a member of the Marketing Pillar. As soon as I joined MoraSpirit, I was privileged enough to be a part of the team that covered the SLUG. I also actively took part in organising Spitzer, which was initiated in the very same year.

In 2012, I was appointed as the head of the Special Projects Pillar. I am very happy to state that last year MoraSpirit was able to successfully complete a number of projects under this pillar, such as Morale – a training programme held in Kiriella, Spitzer ’12, Mora Sixes etc.

I grew tremendously, learnt a great deal and gained invaluable experience by being a part MoraSpirit crew. I am forever grateful for that and I would do my best for this organisation I love!

Being a long-term member of MoraSpirit, how do you feel about your position now?

I have no words to express the depth of my happiness and gratitude.

I was a school prefect, a batch representative at university and I have led a number of societies too. I believe I have what it takes to be a successful leader, and I always wanted to take the initiative, do something new and execute my ideas. I think now I have been given the best opportunity.

I believe, with the help of my very supportive, dedicated and talented team, I would be able to take MoraSpirit, the best organisation in the University of Moratuwa, to even greater heights.

We saw that this year’s MoraSpirit recruitment process was very strict. What qualities did you look for when selecting new members to the MoraSpirit Crew in 2013?

Yes, that was a hard recruitment process. A few of us had to work very hard on it, sometimes six hours a day for more than two entire weeks.

With the help of the pillar heads, after extensive discussion and many refinements, we ultimately defined the required positions and job descriptions. We wanted to recruit the best person for each position. What we basically wanted was to find a person with a fitting set of attitudes for each defined position.

We received a surprising number of applications this year. We knew that most of the applicants were talented. So what we basically looked for was dedication and motivation. If an applicant displayed enough dedication and was motivated to perform his/her level best and showed interest in being a team player – to lead and to be led, we gave him/her a chance.

I think all that hard work was worth it. Now we have a crew of 102 – all dedicated, motivated and talented individuals!

Have you and your team made any changes to the structure of MoraSpirit?

Yes, this year we have introduced a new role Chief Corporate Officer (CCO) who would be in charge of Institutional Relations (IR) and Financial Relations (FR) pillars. We identified the importance of those two sectors and felt the need of a strong personality to monitor them. I think we found the perfect person – Niranda Perera.

In addition, we have introduced a matrix structure where small subgroups with members from different pillars are formed. The members of these groups will have to work closely with each other to complete specific tasks assigned to the subgroups. We felt that this would increase the interaction between the members, not only intra-pillar interaction but also inter-pillar interaction!

Another major reason for forming the subgroups is the ease of performance evaluation. We are planning to give weekly targets to the pillars and monitor the performances pillar vice and member vice. We hope this will inspire the members to give their best to MoraSpirit!

What are your goals and plans for 2013?

Our long-term plan is to uplift university sports. One thing we have noted is that university sports in Sri Lanka are not given the recognition they deserve. Not even the major events like the SLUG or the Inter University Games attract the attention of the general public as much as the school big matches do! Our goal is to change this culture and take university sports to the spot light.

University of Moratuwa will be the host of this year’s SLUG and we at MoraSpirit want to see UOM winning the championship of SLUG ’13. We are focusing on doing our best to make that dream come true.

We have also identified some undergraduate sportsmen and women with unmatched talent! We are planning to give them our fullest support and try to lift them up to the national level. We also see to the possibility of offering international scholarships to those who display outstanding performance.

Would you mind letting us know what MoraSpirit has in store for us this 2013?

Well, we have a lot planned for 2013! I will try not to spill all the beans!

First, we are the official web partner of the SLUG 2013. We are planning to give you all a complete coverage of the event which will be of high standard, and we will take steps to update you on the events of the SLUG then and there through SMS alerts.

Then we will have Spitzer. It gets better every year and I can safely say that we will be raising the bar even higher this year.

Some of the other interesting events on this years’ MoraSpirit calendar would be the Sports Day and Carnival and the career fair for sportsmen and women.

I think that would be enough news for the moment. But that is not all. There will be some more pleasant surprises!

Finally what do you have to say to the MoraSpirit fans?

I want to thank all the MoraSpirit fans over there for being with us and encouraging us and especially for your love towards university sports!

But as I mentioned earlier, we should try our best to place university sports in its rightful place and give it the recognition it deserves. I hope all of you will help me and my team in our struggle to make it happen.

Please do stick with MoraSpirit and give us your honest feedback. We value it a lot.

I would like to conclude with the remark that MoraSpirit is where it is today because of you all! Thank you very much!



By Hasini Abeywickrama


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