MORA LE 2013 – Leadership Exploration Camp
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MoraSpirit hosted the first high-flown event of the year, MORA LE 2013 – Leadership Exploration Camp, on 17th February at the Owinka Lake Resort, Wadduwa. The ultimate goal of the event was to unite the sporting community within the university and boost their confidence to grab the championship trophy in the upcoming SLUG 2013.  

Main aspiration of MORA’ LE2013 was to analyze and recap the current preparations of the sportsmen of University of Moratuwa for SLUG 2013. This day intended to enhance their self-confidence, to heighten their inspiration and to push their will power to reach the ultimate goal.

As the name “A Leadership Exploration Camp” suggested, the podium was arranged for exploration and exploitation of self-awareness, team work and leadership skills of the participants to accomplish common goals focused on positive change through adventurous activities, participation in a challenge course, discussions and reflections. 

The enthusiasm and adventurousness were carved into each and every bone of the participants from the very beginning of the event with a lovely boat ride which transferred them to a charming island. The morning consisted of a few sessions conducted by the distinguished guests.

Dr. Thushantha Wijesinghe, Sports Medicine Doctor of Kalubowila Hospital conducted a session on sporting without injuries and nutrition where he persisted about the precedence of being focused on physical fitness and agility which is a key factor for a winning team. There he briefly described on avoiding injuries and reaching our full potential.

Then it was a small introduction on MoraSpirit, its growth in the recent past and efforts taken to create a good sporting culture in the Sri Lankan university sports arena by Niranda Perera, COO of MoraSpirit.

The energetic second session to “gear the lads up” was undertaken by one of the “best in the business”, Mr. Chandrishan Perera, a name synonymous with Sri Lankan Rugby as a past Sri Lankan captain, as an outstanding player for CR & FC and as the coach for Sri Lankan Women’s team. He discussed the concepts of how “Mere Practice doesn’t make perfect, but the perfect practice”, “Individual improvement always comes first” and “Miles make champions”. He further explained the significance of the word “FOCUS” and reaching beyond the threshold of our own comfort zone in training; this was pointed out fascinatingly with the absorption of the attention of the audience to the fullest.

The microphone was then taken by the man behind the microphone for YES FM’s sports show “The Score”, Mr. Shanaka Amarasinghe, who was a dedicated sportsman of University of Colombo in Rugby and Swimming,. He stressed on the importance of proper goal setting at right time conducting a very interactive session with the participants.

The participative session, “Project War” was then called the tune by none other than one of the most dedicated personalities of the MoraSpirit Initiative, Mr. Heminda Jayaweera, the president of MoraSpirit. He addressed all the vital points in each and every sport in UOM. An effective discussion was then taken place between the audience and the sport administration of UOM to identify the “chinks in the armor” and immediate attention of the necessary authorities was given.

Then came the adventurous part of the event, Treasure Hunting, where the gathering was allocated into few groups and sent into the field in the hunt. The experience was both exciting and entertaining. 



The feedback for the event from the participants was overwhelmingly positive, highlighting the value of exploration and exploitation of leadership skills in a “real world” environment.

The combined efforts of the MoraSpirit crew surpassed the challenges in making the event a great success for the second time. 


By Naleendra Kularatne




Written on Monday, 18 February 2013 11:23 by Editor

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