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Inter Uni Elle 2012 - University of Kelaniya Emerge Women’s Champions
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Elle women’s matches of inter university games 2012 was held on university of Colombo grounds on 3rd June

University of Peradeniya, University of Kelaniya, University of Ruhuna and Rajarata University qualified for the semi finals claiming their victory over University of Sri Jayawardenapura, Sabaragamuwa University, University of Moratuwa and University of Colombo at the quarter finals.

First semi final was held between Unviersity of Peradeniya and Rajarata University in which the Rajarata university marked their win with a score of 3/2. The other semi final match was between University of Kelanaiya and University of Ruhuna. A score of 1/0 led University of Kelaniya to secure their position in the finals.

The consolation final match was played between University of Peradeniya and University of Ruhuna. University of Ruhuna bagged the third place with a score of 2/1.

The Elle team of University of Kelaniya emerged as champions of Inter University Games 2012 after a convincing victory over Rajarata University scoring 6/1. L. A. H. N. Gunawardene scored 3 runs for Kelaniya while K. M. S. S. Karunanayaka, L. T. Udayangani and K. N. Lakmali scored 1 run each. M. C. Peter scored the run for Rajarata University.

By Radhavi Samarakoon

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Inter Uni Elle 2012: UOC Bags Men’s Championship
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After last day’s tied final, it was the men from Colombo who completely outclassed their opponents and grabbed the men’s title at Inter University Elle Championships 2012.

University of Kelaniya, who batted first, was all out for 3 runs where Y. M. M. C. Yapa, W. G. S. T. Thilakaratne and E. J. S. K. Thilakaratne did the scoring. UOC had no difficulty whatsoever in chasing that target with N. H. M. J. C. Peiris, C. C. Dissanayake, C. Kottegoda and U. K. A. Samarasinghe scoring one run each.

Women’s matches were started afterwards, with UOC, KEL, RUH and USJP staying unbeaten on its first day.

Results: Day 3

Inter university Elle Men's Final (Rematch after the tied final yesterday) - 40 ball match
UOC def. KEL (4/3)

Y. M. M. C. Yapa 1
W. G. S. T. Thilakaratne 1
E. J. S. K. Thilakaratne 1
All out in 39 balls

N. H. M. J. C. Peiris 1*
C. C. Dissanayake 1
C. Kottegoda 1
U. K. A. Samarasinghe 1*
Chased from 10 balls


Women’s Category: 1st Round


UOC defeated EUSL (4-3)

UOP defeated JAF (5-4)

RAJ defeated WAY (6-5)

SAB defeated EUSL (2-1)

RUH defeated JAF (8-1)

KEL defeated WAY (3-2)

UOC defeated SAB (9-3)

UOP lost to RUH (3-8) 

KEL defeated RAJ (4/3) 

USJP defeated UOM (5/ 0)

By Charitha Lokuge

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Inter Uni Elle 2012: Finals Tied
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On the 2nd day of Inter University 2012 Elle matches, University of Moratuwa (UOM) team moved on to the semi finals after an intensified match against University of Peradeniya. The quarter final match ended in a tie with both teams having 4 runs each out of 40 balls. UOM’s Ajith Sandaruwan was injured at the final ball of the match and was hospitalized. However at the tie breaker of 15 balls UOM leaped forward with a score of 2/1 and qualified for the semi finals.
In the other quarter final matches University of Colombo, University of Kelaniya (KEL) and University of Ruhuna (RUH) also qualified for the semi finals claiming their victory over University of Sri Jayawardenapura, University of Jaffna and Eastern University respectively.
Performing well in the semi finals University of Colombo (UOC) and University of Kelaniya advanced to the finals marking their win over University of Moratuwa and University of Ruhuna respectively.
Unfortunately for University of Moratuwa the third place match ended in favour of University of Ruhuna. University of Ruhuna secured the third place with a score of 5/3. University of Colombo faced University of Kelaniya in the finals and the match ended in tie of 5/5. The match had to be postponed due to bad light and the Inter University Elle champions 2012 will be crowned tomorrow at University of Colombo grounds.
By Radhavi Samarakoon



KEL Vs UOC -5/5 tie


K.D.D.Madusanka    -1

W.A.M.Warnasuriya -1

W.A.C.S.Wijetath     -1 

E.F.S.M.N.Pranndu   -2


L.H.S.M.Sanjeewa    -1

N.T.I.Dilan               -1

Y.M.M.C.Yapa         -1

G.G.M.S.Kularthna   -1

S.P.A.N.Jayasiri       -1

Match Postponed due to Bad light.

Third place match

RUH vs UOM -5/3 RUH won



D.M.M.M.Bandara                 -2

M.S.J.Madushanka               -1

G.M.L.Chandana                  -1

All out in 39 Balls.


G.V.Nilanka                         -1

K.Bandara                          -1

K.S.G.Heshan                     -1

All out in 38 Balls



UOC def. UOM (4/2)

KEL def. RUH (6/3)



UOC def. USJP (8/1)

KEL def. JAF (15/2)

RUH def. EUSL (6/1)

UOM tied with UOP (4/4) – Tie

Tie Breaker: UOM def. UOP (2/1)


Results: 2nd day

1st Round

UOM def. JAF (7/5)






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Inter Uni Elle 2012 : Four Universities Remain Unbeaten on The First Day
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The round robin stage of the Elle (Men’s category) matches in Inter University Games 2012 was held on 31st May at University of Colombo. 12 University teams competed in the men’s category which made it one of the most competitive sports in this year’s University Games. The tournament consists of 4 groups which are as follows.

Group A:University of Moratuwa (UOM), University of Jaffna (JAF), Rajarata University (RAJ)

Group B:University of Colombo (UOC), University of Ruhuna (RUH), Uva Wellassa University (UWU) (withdrew)

Group C:University of Peradeniya (UOP), University of Kelaniya (KEL), Wayamba University (WAY), University of Visual & Performing Arts (UVPA)

Group D:University of Sri Jayawardenapura (USJP), Sabaragamuwa University (SAB), South Eastern University (SEUSL) (withdrew), Eastern University (EUSL)

At the end of the first day’s play, Universities of Sri Jayawardenapura, Jaffna, Ruhuna and Moratuwa remained unbeaten while another 1st round match between UOM and JAF is scheduled for the next day. The second round matches and the finals will be held on 1st of June at the University of Moratuwa grounds.

By Charitha Lokuge


Results: 1st day

1st Round

Group A

UOM def. RAJ (8/1)

JAF def. RAJ (6/5)

UOM vs. JAF - to be played

Group B

RUH def. UOC (8/7)

Group C

UOP def. UVPA (1/0)

KEL def. WAY (9/2)

WAY def. UOP (10/6)

KEL def. UVPA (14\2)

UOP def. KEL (11/10)

WAY def. UVPA (12/4)

Group D

USJP def. EUSL (6/1)

SAB def. EUSL (6/5)

USJP def. SAB (6/5)

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Rajarata and J’pura Emerge Victorious at Mora Triangular Elle Tournament 2012
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“Mora Triangular Elle Tournament 2012” was concluded recently, where University of Rajarata(RAJ) and  University of Sri Jayawardenapura (USJP) emerged winners in the men’s and women’s categories respectively. Three universities, namely University of  Rajarata, University of Sri Jayawardenapura  and University of Moratuwa (UOM) battled for glory in an eagerly contested tournament which kept the spectators on the edge of their seats.

In the women’s category, the first match was held between USJP and UOM , where USJP convincingly outclassed their opponents. Due to the result of this match, the next game became a do-or-die battle for UOM, which ultimately turned out to be a thriller. At the end of legitimate play, both UOM and RAJ scored 8 runs each, due to which each team was given 5 extra balls to play. The girls from RAJ emerged victorious in the tie-breaker, thus qualifying for Finals along with USJP. In the championship decider, USJP maintained their consistent run throughout the tournament, ensuring the title, while Rajarata had to be contended with the runners up.

In the much anticipated men’s category, the curtain-raiser was between USJP and UOM. The sportsmen from UOM, didn’t have much of a difficulty in overcoming USJP. The next game was between the two visiting teams, which had already become a must win game for USJP. The spectators had the luxury of witnessing yet another fabulous game, which went to the wire. After both teams scoring 5 runs at the end of play, the game moved into a tie-breaker. It was the men from RAJ who held their nerve and won that game ultimately, knocking USJP out of the competition. Moreover, they defeated the much-fancied Mora team in the final to grab one of the most resounding victories.

In the men’s category, Sampath Basnagoda from UOM was adjudged Man of the Series, during which he scored 3 runs and held 5 catches in 2 matches. So, that marked the end of another successful “Mora Triangular Elle Tournament”, adding some memorable experiences for the players who had engaged in it.

As Moraspirit, while congratulating the winners and the organizers on their great work, we wish them all the very best in their future endeavours!!!

By Charitha Lokuge



Women’s Category:


 USJP 10 runs (in 40 balls); UOM 02 runs (all out)

 USJP won by 8 runs


RAJ 08 runs (40 balls); UOM 08 runs (40 balls)

Scores level - Extra 5 balls were played to decide the winner

UOM 0 runs (5 balls);  RAJ 1 run (5balls)

RAJ won the tie-breaker

USJP and RAJ qualified for the Final

Final:  RAJ vs USJP

USJP 07 runs (40 balls); RAJ 03 runs (40 balls) 

USJP won the championship


Men’s Category:


UOM 07 runs (in 40 balls); USJP 02 runs (all out)

UOM won by 8 runs



USJP 05 runs (40 balls); RAJ 05 runs (40 balls)

Scores level - Extra 5 balls were played to decide the winner

USJP 0 runs (5 balls); RAJ 1 run (5balls)

RAJ and UOM qualified for the Final

Final: RAJ vs UOM

RAJ 05 runs (40 balls); UOM 01 run (all out) 

RAJ won the championship

Man of the series:

Sampath Basnagoda (Mora); 5 catches and 3 runs (in 2 matches)


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