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Mora Sculling Regatta 2012
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With the vision to spread the sport as ambassadors of rowing and to improve the quality of rowing facilities of the crew and Sri Lanka as a whole, UOM rowing crew has taken up various projects up to date since its inception. One such event was the Mora Sculling Regatta 2012 which was held on 21st and 22nd of September at the Colombo Rowing Club.

The event was organized as an alternative regatta to the Bolgoda Regatta which could not be held this year due to unavoidable circumstances. However the crew made it an opportunity to shift into a new paradigm and present the regatta in a new format.

The regatta consisted of scull, double scull, pair and quadruple scull events which were raced in a 1km course. Quadruple sculls and mixed events were new additions which brought much excitement for the participants.

The regatta was a success with the participation of many oarsmen and women from schools, clubs and task forces besieged by all their supporters. Committing themselves solely to organizing activities, UOM crew refrained from competing this year. Overall winners of each category were as follows.


Category Championships


Under 13

Boys - st Joseph’s college= 37.43


Under 16

Boys- Asian International school = 44.76

Girls – MC = 53.38


Under 19

Boys – Asian International School = 46.78

Girls – MC = 11.84


Over 19

Mens – SL Navy =56.22

Womans – SL Army = 52.67



Mens – CRC = 49.06

Woman – MC =43.85

By  Radhavi Samarakoon

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Mora reclaims the trophy in style
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University of Moratuwa claimed a convincing victory over University of Colombo at the 29th inter university regatta with a score of 40-2. After last year’s unfortunate turn of events UOM crew reclaimed the Prof. Stanley Wijesundara Challenge Trophy by winning 5 out of 6 races.

In the women’s races University of Colombo clinched the overall championship yet again with a score of 22-20. However the Boat Race was won by University of Moratuwa for the 2nd consecutive year. UOM also won both the sculls while UOC won the pairs and the B Four.

The regatta started off in favour of UOC as they won the men’s B scull. However mora oarsmen made sure that there was a complete turn of events from the next race onwards. In men’s A scull race UOC’s W. Jayasinghe was disqualified due to obstructing the course which led Thiran Sellahewa of UOM to win the race.

UOM was leading with a score of 6-2 as the men’s pairs left the pier. UOM’s combinations of Dinesh Kasunjith and Nuwan Amarawardena for the B pair and Samantha De Silva and Charuka Kavinda for the A pair proved to be worthy as they secured a comfortable victory over UOC in both the races.

As the score was 20-2 where UOM was leading by 18 points things started looking brighter again for UOC as they won the graduate four. This was however an exhibition race and did not carry any points. UOM oarsmen comfortably claimed the win of men’s C four. This too did not carry any points.

Already leading by 18 points UOM only needed to win one out of two fours to bag the championship title. Mora oarsmen went for it all and gave a masterful display by winning both B four and A four races and finished the regatta in style scoring 40-2.

In the women’s races it was an unfortunate turn of events for UOM as UOC’s Anne Jayaweera and Gayasha Liyanage won the women’s A pair over Ashanthi Fernando and Shauri Hettiarachchi of UOM. UOC also claimed their win in women’s B pair.

However in the women’s A scull race Shauri Hettiarachchi of UOM beat UOC’s Anne Jayaweera in a very close race. UOM also won the B scull as captain Ashanthi Fernando made a comfortable victory over Gayasha Liyanage of UOC.

Winning of the women’s B four race put University of Colombo to the lead by 14 points. Nevertheless, UOM’s Erandi Hewasiliyan, Shauri Hettiarachchi, Ashanthi Fernanado, Ruwanthi Somathilaka coxed by Dasun Madushan claimed the victory of the A four race marking UOM’s second consecutive win in this race. University of Colombo won the overall women’s championship and retained the Lloyd Sirimanne Challenge Trophy.

UOM oarsmen celebrated their victory as per custom by jumping into the Beira Lake. Mr.Maheel Gamage coached the University of Moratuwa crew while University of Colombo was coached by Mr. Lloyd Sirimanne.

By Radhavi Samarakoon 

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Inter University Regatta 2012
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University of Moratuwa Rowing crew will face the defending champions, University of Colombo at the 29th inter university regatta on the waters of the Beire Lake.

The regatta will consist of scull, pair and coxed four races and the winners are set to walk away with the Stanley Wijesundara Challenge Trophy. Exhibition races of double sculls and graduate fours will also be held. University of Moratuwa crew is led by Thiran Sellahewa while Lishan Wickramanayake leads the University of Colombo crew.

Women’s crews too will be battling for the Lloyd Sirimanne Challenge Trophy. University of Colombo remains as the defending champion. However “The Boat Race” was won by University of Moratuwa last year. Ashanthi Fernando will lead the UOM crew while UOC is led by Maryam Noordeen.

The regatta will be held on Saturday 30th June at Colombo Rowing Club premises from 12.00 p.m to 6.00 p.m. Mora spirit invites all of you to come and witness this epic battle of the undergraduates.


By Radhavi Samarakoon


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UOM youngsters shine at the Opening Regatta
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Another rowing season began with the opening regatta held on 1st, 2nd and 3rd of March 2012 at the Colombo Rowing Club. This is a great opportunity for novice oarsmen and women to unveil their talents.  

Arjuna Ahangama of the UOM Rowing Crew represented the winning team of the HMS Enterprise Four race. The four consisted of a mixed crew representing UOM, UOC & Royal College.

UOM’s Pathmika Madushan and Thiran Sellahewa got selected to the Vanlenburg pair trophy final race. However Royal College, Colombo emerged champions in the final. Thilina Buddika and Malyth Madushan of the UOM crew finished as semi finalists in this pair event losing to the eventual champions.

In the mens double scull races, Pathmika Madushan and Malyth Madushan qualified to the semi finals. They competed against St. Thomas’ College in a close race in which St. Thomas’ oarsmen moved on to the finals.

Novice sculler Joy Nitharshan got selected to the quarter finals through the qualifying races for the Golden-Armstrong Scull Trophy. He proved to be a promising youngster at his first regatta performing an impressive “take-her-home” against the Royal College sculler.

UOM’s oarswomen too competed in scull, pair, double scull and coxed four categories and Shauri Hettiarachchi qualified to the quarter finals of the scull races.

The regatta marked a great beginning with budding talents discovered and the crew wishes to continue with their expectations high for a victorious season ahead.

 By  Radhavi Samarakoon

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University players prove their flair at rowing nationals
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The Sri Lanka National Rowing Championship 2011, organized by the Amateur Rowing Association of Sri Lanka (ARASL), was held from the 15th to the 17th of September at the Bolgoda lake premises in Panadura. This year the regatta was held for the 27th time with the participation of over 330 oarsmen and oarswomen representing 17 teams island wide.

The regatta was held in four age categories, namely under 16, under 19, over 19 and Senior open. The junior category (under 16,under 19) was mainly dominated by school participants while the senior category (over 19 and Senior open)consisted of a large participation from Universities, Club rowers and Task Forces.


Being the most significant event in the Sri Lankan Rowing calendar, the victory in the National Rowing Championship is definitely one of the greatest achievements of any oarsman or oarswoman. This year the 2km course on the waters of the Bolgoda lake was conquered by the St. Thomas’ College Mount Lavina in the under 16 boys’ category and by the Ananda College in the under 19 boys’ category. Ladies College secured both the under 16 and under 19 girls’ championships with brilliant rowing skills and techniques shown by the young ‘LCites’.

Further the over 19 men’s category championship and the senior open category championships were swept away by the Sri Lanka Air forces while the over 19 women’s category was won by the Sri Lanka Army. The special awards, school boy sculler and school girl sculler, were awarded to Suwin Karunarathne of Ananda College and Ishika De Silva of Asian International School respectively.


As accustomed, the oarsmen and oarswomen of the University of Moratuwa rowed in style bringing glory to the alma mater in the over 19 category. This year a tremendous up rise was shown by the ladies rowing crew, which brought home 3 national level medals for the first time in the history of Mora rowing.

In the over 19 men’s category Samantha de Silva, Dinesh Kasunjith, Thilina Buddika, Charuka Kavinda and Dasun Madushan(cox)won the Silver medal in the coxed four (4+)event. In addition Samantha de Silva and Charuka Kavinda also won the bronze medal for the pair event (2-).  Overall, the Mora men’s crew accomplished to bring home 2 national level medals in the over 19 category.

The gold medal for the pair event (2-)was won by Nuwanthika Rajapakshe(Stroke)and Radhavi Samarakoon(Bow). In the ladies over 19 coxed four event(4+), Nuwanthika Rajapakshe(Stroke), Ashanthi Fernando(Three), Udari de Alwis(Two),Radhavi Samarakoon (Bow)and Nithini Thenuwara(Cox)secured a Silver medal, while the gold was won by the Sri Lanka Army after a very competitive race. The Bronze medal for the over 19 ladies’ Double Scull (2x)was won by Udari de Alwis and Ashanthi Fernando of the Mora rowing crew.


Rowing is team sport unlike any other. Inch by inch to the finish line they row, together in one rhythm, together as one. After a season of extreme hard work, whether you’d win or lose is decided just as a matter of seconds. Winning awards in such a competitive sport is not an easy task. 


At the point of joyous victory the captain of the Mora ladies’ crew Udari de Alwis says “Rowing is the sport of dreamers. With commitment, dedication and a whole lot of team spirit we made our dream a reality..

I’m happy about the performances of our junior men’s crew and also for winning the silver medal for Double Scull (2x)and bronze medal for (2- ) pair event for over 19 women’s category. But quite unhappy since our senior crew couldn’t participate for the Rowing Nationals this time due to University Exams’ says the captain of University of Colombo Rowing Crew.

-By Savini Samarasinghe


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