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-Grand Slam for Mora-
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There had been very few moments in the bygone years, in par with what took place last evening-

               University of Moratuwa won the Inter University Women’s Tennis Championship 2012, for the first time in the history.They broke the silence and delivered a mettlesome performance from start to finish, bringing the ultimate title under their names.
                   The weekend was quite entertaining with some grueling matches between University of Moratuwa (UOM), University of Sri Jayawardenapura (USJP), University of Peradeniya (UOP) and University of Colombo (UOC). All eight teams, including men’s and women’s, were already qualified to the semifinals.

                   Under men’s title the first match was played between UOM and UOC. UOM took the lead here after winning two single fixtures in a row. The doubles were quite promising since UOM had some quality players who were tested at this level. But at the end of the day UOC came up on top and booked their place in the finals.

          While it went on like that, UOP advanced into finals defeating USJP. The playoffs, between UOC and UOP brought UOC the ultimate Inter University Men’s Tennis Championship title. UOM was placed the third.
          In the Women’s semi-finals, UOM again met UOC. Vindya Gunawardena of UOM displayed some extra-ordinary smarts here, defeating the player who took part in world university games last year. She also outdid her opponents in the doubles playing up and down tirelessly with Kasun Herath. Against all odds UOM burst into the finals defeating the overwhelming favorites. In the second semifinal USJP  

          The women’s final was truly mesmerizing. Vindya Gunawardena (UOM) outhit Watsala Weerathunga effortlessly (6-0, 6-1) in the first single setting the tone for the team UOM. The next two matches were dominated by USJP as Indika (USJP) and Lakmali (USJP) stormed Rasika and Chathurthi respectively (2-1, 2-1).The remaining two matches were very critical for both teams by that time. The first double was again undemanding (6-0, 6-1) win for team UOM which evened up the playoff series. The fifth and the most important match was played between evenly matched teams. And hence it went down to the wire but eventually Punthila Jayarathne and Rasika Damayanthi of UOM clinched the title that had been eluding them for several years. The third place was won by UOC.

After this tremendous conquest an elated UOM captain Punthila Jayaratne shared her thoughts with us.

We have been craving for this moment for past three years and each occasion we fell short. But most importantly we kept improving year by year and never gave up. It was a tremendous team effort with everyone putting their hands up and performing when it was needed most. The sheer dedication each team member showed during practices and the self-belief ensured a place in the podium. Finally I would like to thank the director and the instructors from the physical education division for the continuous support and the encouragement. And then the coaches who have been right behind us last four years working relentlessly helping us to improve in leaps and bounds.

By Malaka Batuwanthudawa


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Highlights of the Inter University Tennis Championship 2012
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The Inter University Tennis Championship 2012 commenced yesterday at Sri Lankan Tennis Association (SLTA) courts. It was enthralling to watch seven Universities battling it out for the coveted championship.

The teams were divided in to two groups with top two teams from each group going through to the semifinals.

University of Sri Jayawardenapura  (USJP) men’s team won their 1st group match with ease against Sabaragamuwa  University (SAB) 3-0. They stormed in to the semifinals as the group champions beating the defending champions University of Moratuwa (UOM) 3-0. Though the score line suggests a comprehensive win for USJP it was a spirited performance by the UOM young guns dragging two of the three matches to the 3rd set. K.D Samiran of USJP beat Chathuranga Kannangara of UOM (6-0, 6-1) giving an early lead to USJP. Then Hasala Soorasinghe and Samitha Hettiarachchi of UOM were beaten by Ramindu De Silva (4-6, 6-1, 6-4) and Kavindra Wijenayake (6-3, 2-6, 6-1) of USJP respectively. In the other group University of Colombo(UOC) emerged as champions beating University of Kelaniya (KEL)(3-1) and University of Peradeniya  (UOP) (3-1) with ease.

UOC girls simply dominated the group matches and cruised in to the semifinals as group winners without dropping a single set. The trio of Padmila Herath, Dinukshi Keerthisinghe and Pathumka Cooray of UOC were in terrific form and won all their games en route to the semifinals. In the other group KEL were beaten by UOM and USJP eliminating them from the championship. At the end of the day UOM and USJP were battling it out gallantly to go through to the semifinals as the group winners avoiding confronting the favorites UOC in the semifinals. They were all tied up at 2-2 in a very closely contested encounter.

The four semifinals will take place tomorrow (Sunday) and the finals together with the consolation finals will be staged on Monday. MoraSpirit extends its sincere wishes for the Universities in forth coming matches.

Keep in touch with, while we bring you the live updates of the proceedings.

By Treshani Perera

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Mora tennis retains the trophy for the fifth consecutive year
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It’s the biggest trophy awarded in the university games, and no doubt all six teams wanted to bring it back home. But at the end it’s the mighty Mora team who owned and retained it winning for the record fifth consecutive year. Mora beat Pera(3/1) and Sabara (3/0) convincingly to match through to the semi-finals topping group A followed by Pera whereas Colombo beat J’pura and Kelaniya to enter semi-finals with j’pura in group B. Mora beat J’pura(3/1) while Colombo beat Pera (3/1) to enter the much awaited final.

Mora walked up to the courts for the final as the hot favorites but expecting a tight fight from Colombo. Prathaj Haputhantri of Mora gave a cannon fire start to the big final winning the first single convincingly to lead 1/0. Second single worked out between T. Kishanthan of Mora vs Dinindu Kaluarachachi of Colombo which hinted poor sportsmanship of Colombo. Colombo team decided to give a walkover to Kishanthan without completing the match giving Mora a 2/0 lead. Third single between Chathuranga Kannangara of Mora vs Kesigan Sayalolibavan of Colombo went to Colombo making the scores 2/1 at the end of singles.

First double was supposed to be the match decider. But unfortunately University of Colombo team decided to give another walkover to Moratuwa team when Moratuwa was leading 4-1 in the 1st set amidst some controversy giving a 3-1 victory to the Moratuwa team. 
In spite of all the drama Mora became the Men’s Tennis Champions for 2011 after a successful victorious run in the tournament. Celebrations started for Mora late night with a spill of Champagne at their home courts. Mora victory was a result of a combination of efforts by hard worked team members, supportive past players, University sports council, consistent guidance of the coach Mr. Dinith Pathiraja and physicals coach Mr. Jaliya Yasarathna.

Men’s consolation final worked out between Pera and J’pura where pera won by a fifth match thriller. Score was 2 wins a piece at the end of the first double which demanded the second double for a decider. Convincing 6/2, 6/0 win for pera closed the tie awarding Pera the third place.

Girl’s Matches

On their run to Semifinal Colombo topped group A followed by Pera whereas J’pura topped group B followed by Mora. Colombo girls and J’pura girls beat Mora and Pear respectively in straight matches to advance to the final. Final between Colombo and J’pura was again turnout to a nail biter as the second double was necessary to decide the Champions. In a good fought match Colombo girls bagged the second double to hold their title as the champions once again in interuniversity games.
Mora and Pera girls fought for the third place in their consolation final played on Monday evening where Mora girls secured the third place once again beating Pera 3/1 amidst of Mora cheer.

Comments of the two captains regarding the walkover issue....

Mora captain Chathuranga Kannangara

"As it happened;

The referee and the organizing committee decided to start the final at 6.30 pm in the evening. But casting the referee’s and the organizing committee decision Colombo team turn up at courts at 7.00 pm with a 30 minutes delay. With an agreement made between two captains to finish the finals on that day itself, matches started late evening. At the end of three singles, it was 2/1 in favour of Mora. In the second single Dinidu Kaluarachchi of Colombo gave a walkover to T. Kishanthan of Mora for no clear reason which hinted the poor sportsmanship of Colombo. The decider, first double worked out subsequently taking Mora to an edge of another Championship. Mora’s victory was clearly inevitable when the score turns 4/1 in favour of Mora. At the verge of a lost Colombo team spoiled the spirit of the game deciding to give a walkover to Mora to deprive the thrill of a victory for hard worked and deserving Champions. This action was despised by the referee, organizing committee, coaches, players of other teams and spectators as an abuse of sportsmanship and spirit-of-the-game in inter university games.

Mora tennis team with all its past players and coaches have put an immense effort within the last few years to enhance the level of their tennis. So looking back at how we worked hard, dedicated, prepared ourselves and played through the tournament as a team, we deserve the championship, BUT an “unspoiled Championship”.

It’s sad to see the disgraceful decision taken by the Colombo captain (Kesigan Sayalolibavan) to give two walkovers in an interuniversity Final. No doubt the Colombo tennis team has also trained hard for this interuniversity season, which makes me believe that they deserve a respectable lost after tough fought Final. But unfortunately their dignity was deliberately ousted by themselves by trying to hamper Mora victory.

I greatly appreciate the gentle behavior of Mora players and spectators even amidst of such an irritating atmosphere. The situation would have been much different if the same thing happened at another University (as we have experienced in the past). At Mora, we preserve that level of gentleness and sportsmanship which no one can deny.

Players may win or lose, but the spirit of the game should be kept high and alive.


Chathuranga Kannangara
Captain, Tennis Team
University of Moratuwa

We contacted the UoC captain  Kesigan Sayalolibavan , But he refused to express his views on this matter

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MORA Tennis Shines in GOLD
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Acknowledgements: Chathuranga Kannangara

Becoming the first team to bring medals in Gold to its alma mater, University of Moratuwa men’s tennis team clinched the championship for the fourth consecutive year at 10th Sri Lanka University Games (SLUG) held recently.

As scheduled earlier, matches were held at SLTA tennis courts from 23rd of September onwards as a pre SLUG event to warm up the university sports. The organizers could not stick to their initial plans as the heavy and continuous showers interrupted play many times. The matches which were planned to be played on clay courts were shifted to Hard courts as the clay courts were wet and unsuitable to play on. Yet, due to bad weather matches were paused, postponed and delayed making the players waiting in dugouts. Eventually after four days of play the event concluded on 26th (Sunday) around 10.00 pm.

In men’s Category University of Moratuwa and University of Peradeniya came to semi-finals from one group while the University of Colombo and University of Jayawardenapura came in the other. The traditional rivals in tennis, University of Moratuwa and University of Colombo rose to the finals displaying their skills and sportsmanship on the run. At the big finals Prathaj Haputhantri from UoM won the first single 6/0, 6/0 while T.Kishanthan got a walk over at 6/0, 3/2. UoM lost the third single giving a glimpse of hope to UoC. But the strong doubles pair comprises with Prathaj Haputhantri and parinda Jayasiri from UoM beat Colombo 6/2,6/2 shattering their hopes and starting celebrations for Mora. UoM second doubles pair was never called on to courts as all the ties ended in four matches.

Men’s third place tie between hosts J’pura and peradeniya was very dramatic as the match score was 2-2 at the end of 4 matches which gave both teams chances in par. The 5th match was a nail bitter as it dragged in to the third set. When pera was leading in the 3rd set 5/1 one pera doubles player got a hamstring injury which created a tense situation in the middle. Despite of the medical break given the player couldn’t hold himself and eventually the referee decided to give a walk over to SJP. Thus SJP became second runners.

In women’s category the strong University of Colombo team emerged as champions in a very convincing manner. They eased to victory by beating SJP in straight three (singles) matches. Colombo girls dominated in the tournament and never happened to play any doubles match. SJP, even though they played in good hands had to be satisfied with silver medals.

Women’s third place match was played between UoM and UoP. First three singles ended giving UoM a lead of 2-1. First double was played under lights on clay amidst of packed audience. Keeping the promises to their team captain and her doubles partner carried the match to victory in straight sets ensuring bronze medals to their teammates.

While enjoying their own games all the players played with true sportsmanship and strived to give their best for their respective universities. Award ceremony was held on Sunday night raising smiles to the hard worked members of the winning teams.

Tennis Results(Click Here)

Tennis Photo Story(Click Here)

Lateset Points Table(Click Here)

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Mora Tennis: Preview for SLUG 2010
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Sri Lanka University Games (SLUG) is back in action after three years for the young fresh blood in universities from all around the country to compete for their own pride. Out of many sports playing, Tennis is an attention gainer as nine university teams are in a tight battle for a one big trophy. University of Moratuwa tennis team, the defending champions for past three consecutive years are heavily trained, experienced and well up to the task to detain the trophy for yet another year. The team lead by Kishanthan Thangarajha seamlessly comprises with both experienced and new players. Proving the success of the newly started coaching program for beginners, two freshers have made it to the team giving hopes to the future of Mora tennis.

The team which has been practicing around the year under the supervision of the coach Mr. Dinith Pathiraja and the physical trainer Mr. Jaliya is both mentally and physically fit to clinch the trophy once again.

University of Colombo, the 1st runner up for the last three years has been practicing hard and determined to snatch their lost glory back. University of Sri Jayawardenapura and the University of Peradeniya are the other formidable forces as both the teams are well poised with new and talented players as well the experienced ones.

The matches are scheduled to be played at SLTA clay courts from 23rd to 26th of October.

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