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Four out of Seven Championships for the PERA Wrestlers
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At the end of one of the most anticipated tournaments in the Inter University Games, University of Peradeniya (UOP) emerged champions in the Inter University Wrestling Tournament 2012, dominating the game wining four gold medals, one silver medal and two bronze medals. University of Ruhuna and Eastern University became 1st runners up and 2nd runners up respectively in the tournament. UOP wrestlers managed to amass 25 points where their major opponent, the University of Ruhuna fell 4 points short by only achieving 21 points and the Eastern University became the 2nd runners up with 9 points.

University of Moratuwa and the Wayamba University tied up in the 4th place as both teams obtained 8 points each. The tournament was held under seven weight categories and the competitiveness and the moral of the wrestlers remained very high in each category which kept the spectators on their feet throughout the tournament. It was highlighted that the wrestlers from all the universities who participated in the tournament showed great skills and sportsmanship throughout the tournament.

50-55kg Weight Category

Champion - R.A.A. Priyantha (WAY)

1st Runner up - T.L. Hapugala (RUH)

2nd Runners up - H.A.D.M. Hettiarachchi (UOP) & W.M.M.K.S. Kumara (KEL)


55-60kg Weight Category

Champion - L.O.M. Zoysa (RUH)

1st Runner up - S.B.S.L. Gunathilaka (UOP)

2nd Runners up - M. Srisanthan (EST) & R.M.B.N. Rathnayake (KEL)


60-66kg Weight Category

Champion - L.M.R. Fernando (UOP)

1st Runner up - N. Premashanthan (EST)

2nd Runners up - M.A.M Mihiraj (UOM) & P.A.L. Maunsa (RUH)


66-74kg Weight Category

Champion - H.M.M.S. Herath (UOP)

1st Runner up - S. Royesten (EST)

2nd Runners up - M.I. Sasiranga (UOM) & Y.A.N. Buddika (RUH)


74- 84 kg Weight Category

Champion - H.A.Wickramasinghe (UOP)

1st Runner up - D.M.S.M. Dissanayake (RUH)

2nd Runners up - T. Siraj (EST) & S.R.M.I. Dilanka (KEL)


84-96 kg Weight Category

Champion - J.S.U. Jayalath (UOP)

1st Runner up - S.A.D.S.R. Priyan (WAY)

2nd Runners up - K.D.S.I. Silva (UOM) & S. Komohan (EST)


96-120 kg Weight Category

Champion - P.G.N. Viduranga (UOM)

1st Runner up - S.I. Muthumala (RUH)

2nd Runners up - R.D.M.A.I.B. Rathmalawinna (UOP) & W.S.P. Karunathulake (UOC)





1st Runner up

2nd Runners up

Total Points
















By Supun De Silva 

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PERA tops wrestling...
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University of Peradeniya (PERA) secured a mammoth victory at the Inter University Wrestling Championship. Final standing for Pera marked 23 points, which is nearly double the points of the runner-up, University of Kelaniya (KEL) with 12 points. Wayamba University (WAY) managed to hold on to the third place with 6 points, closely followed by Rajarata University (RAJ) and University of Ruhuna (RUH) with 5.5 points each.

The event was held at the New Gymnasium of University of Moratuwa, on 3rd of July with the participation of 10 universities. There were altogether 7 weight classes, 50-55, 55-60, 60-66, 66-74, 74-84, 84-96 and 96-120 kgs.

PERA bagged 4 of the 7 weight classes with one more 1st runner-up stand, totaling their 23 points. H.K.P. Chamara, H.M. Herath, H.R. Wikramasinghe, J.S.U. Jayalath were the champions for PERA. KEL champed one weight class (W.M.A.M. Jayawardana) and secured two 1st runner-ups and two 2nd runner-ups giving them an overall standing of 12 points. 6 points for WAY came from the victory of R.A.A. Priyantha and another two 2nd runner-ups. D.A.S.K. Dissanayaka won the remaining weight class for RAJ. RUH managed to reach the top four in 6 of the 7 classes, but were unfortunate not to clinch a champion title and ended up totaling 5.5 points. University of Moratuwa (MORA), University of Sri Jayawardenapura (SJP), Eastern University (EST), University of Colombo (COL) and South Eastern University (SEA) were the other contenders.

-By Niranda Perera

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Moras wrestle themselves to second place
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The University of Moratuwa did well to emerge as the runners up at the Inter University Wrestling Championships 2009. This is indeed a successful performance as far as the team is concerned as it was back in 2004 that the University was able to perform as well.

The results in detail




Competitors Name


50 – 55 Kg


Third Place

55 – 60 Kg


Second place

60 – 66 Kg

A.K.S.De Alwis

Second place

66 – 74 Kg


Third Place

74 – 84 Kg



84 – 96 Kg


Third Place

96 – 120 Kg


Third Place


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