Reaching for Greater Heights
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Being the sport that requires team work at its best, the University of Moratuwa Rowing Crew has worked with endless dedication and commitment to bring glory to its alma mater.

The crew had its ups and downs in the year 2011. The year started off well with UOM oarsmen being placed 3rd in the senior coxed four category in the opening regatta held at Colombo Rowing Club.

Unfortunately for the UOM crew, their 3 year winning streak in the men’s Rowing Championship saw an end in 2011. However for the women’s crew it marked a special milestone. Although the regatta ended leaving the UOM crew 6 points behind their opponents, for the first time in the history of rowing the women’s crew was able to secure their victory in the prestigious A4 race,” The Boat Race” coupled with the winning of the B-pair race.

Competing at international level, Thisum Buddhika and Damith Aravinda who have won many awards at club and national level representing the university, clinched their first international medal at the 69th ARAE/FEARA regatta held at the Bolgoda Lake Rowing Club.

The crew organized the Bolgoda Ragatta for the 8th consecutive year in September. With much hard work put in by the team, the event was a success with the participation of all renowned rowing crews across the island. Not only did they manage to hold an event of such calibre but they displayed some fine rowing too. UOM oarsmen won a silver medal for the double scull in the under 23 category while the women’s crew emerged first runners up in the senior women’s category having won one Gold medal & a Silver medal in the under 30 age category and two Silver medals & a Bronze medal in the under 23 age category.

National Rowing Championships was a remarkable opportunity for the UOM rowing crew to prove their flair again at a much competitive level. The mora youngsters proved themselves worthy by winning the silver medal in over 19 coxed fours and the bronze medal for over 19 pairs. It was a glorious moment for UOM oarswomen too being second best to SL Army in the over 19 age category. They claimed their first ever national Gold medal along with one silver medal and a bronze medal. 

With talented youngsters on board, we hope that the University of Moratuwa Rowing Crew will continue to bring glory to their alma mater and reach for greater heights in the years to come. 

-By Radhavi Samarakoon



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UOM Oarsmen – Semifinalists at ‘Tissa Regatta’
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It was that time of the year again to explore those challenging waves. One might even say it is the latest addition to Sri Lankan rowing. After an exhausting six hour journey, oarsmen and women from various institutions around the country were looking forward to experiencing the somewhat strange and unknown waters of the Tissa Lake at the Carlton Super Sports Festival 2012.      

The three day extravaganza held from 27th to 29th of January was organized for the 6th time running by Carlton Sports Club of Tharunyata Hetak. The sporting events comprised of mountain biking, 4X4 rallying, shooting, sailing, windsurfing, rowing, triathlon and tug-of-war competitions.

The rowing event consisted of 600m sprint relays of sculls, double sculls and coxed fours. University of Moratuwa oarsmen consisting of Samantha De Silva, Charuka Kavinda, Dinesh Kasunjith, Thilina Buddhika, Ganeshan, Dasun Madushan, Pathmika Jayasinghe, Malyth Madushan and Thiran Sellahewa advanced to the semi finals marking their win over University of Colombo. The fours were not rowed in this particular race due to a mishap to UOM’s bow caused by a CSN camera crew boat. It was the official’s decision not to race the fours as UOM had already claimed a convincing victory over UOC having won both the sculls and double sculls with a score of 8-0.

In the semi-final, Colombo Rowing Club marked their victory over UOM oarsmen and eventually clinched the men’s overall championship beating Sri Lanka Navy in the finals.

UOC oarswomen outperforming their men as usual, beat UOM at the semi finals with a score of 12-3. However at the finals Musaeus College, Colombo emerged as champions having beaten UOC 15-0. Udari De Alwis, Nuwanthika Rajapaksha, Ashanthi Fernando, Shauri Hettiarachchi, Jaanuvi Santhirasegaram, Hirushie Karunathilake and Radhavi Samarakoon represented the UOM crew.

-By Radhavi Samarakoon

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Building Session Conducted by Old Mora Rowers
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University of Moratuwa Rowing Team had an experiential training and team activity event recently.  It was held at the University of Moratuwa premises and conducted and facilitated by the Old Mora Rowing Association. Similar events were held in the past as well and the rowing team considers such events are vital to build the team spirit and prepare for the upcoming important events for the
 2012 calendar year.
Around 10-15 activities were done with specific focus on team building. Brainstorming activities also included to identify the future goals of the individuals and the team as a whole. In addition the event was held to strengthen the relationship with the present team and the graduates

-By Heminda Jayaweera


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Moraspirit bestows its first trophy in honor of late Dr Ray Wijewardena
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8th Bolgoda Regatta organized by the University of Moratuwa Rowing Crew was successfully concluded on Sunday with a record participation of nearly 400 athletes. The event was worked off two full days (3rd and 4th Sep) at Ranmal Holiday Resort Panadura. Nearly 120 events were held on 2000m multiple lane course, signifying the grandeur of Bolgoda regatta.

The inaugural Bolgoda Regatta was held in 2003 as a concept of visionary Dr. Ray Wijewardene, then Chancellor of the University of Moratuwa. Ever since he was a tremendous supporter for the event and had graced almost all Bolgoda Regattas as the chief guest.


Dr. Ray Wijewardene Challenge Trophy that had been awarded for Champions of Men’s Senior catagory, was renamed as Dr. Ray Wijewardene Memorial Trophy as this is the first Regatta to be held after his demise. The new trophy was unveiled in the awards ceremony and was awarded to champions of this year 'Men's Senior Category', Colombo Rowing Club.

Ms. Anoma Wijewardene, the daughter of Late Dr. Ray was the Chief guest for the event, gave away the trophies in awards ceremony.

Dr. Wijewardena was one of the best oarsmen Sri Lanka has ever produced and was the driving force behind the success of the Bolgoda Regatta. He will be fondly remembered as the “Father of Rowing in Bolgoda” by all oarsmen and women.


Dr. Ray Wijewardene Memorial Trophy was donated by MoraSpirit in honor of late Dr. Ray's everlasting spirit and is a dedication to fortify sports at University of Moratuwa.

- By Heminda Jayaweera

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Bolgoda Regatta-2011
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Dr.Ray Wijewardana memorial trophy is one of the most prestigious awards for the rowers in Sri Lanka for which Oarsmen and women from all over the country compete annually.


Rowing in the Bolgoda Lake is a whole new experience. Its picturesque views and the waves have a special power that makes you forget everything else and enjoy the nature. Best memories of most oarsmen would undoubtedly include experiencing the mesmerizing Bolgoda Waves as the lake binds each oarsmen with its charm. Of course it does not come without any obstacles such as the prawn traps laid and invading water plants which makes it even more adventurous.

Bolgoda is one of the largest natural water reservoirs closer to Colombo. The Mora Rowing Team has been rowing at this venue since the early 80’s which had been the nurturing ground for undergraduate oarsmen and women throughout years. UoM Oarsmen are proud to be the forerunners to build the 2000m straight course for races and thereby acknowledging the capacity of the Bolgoda lake.


The Bolgoda Regatta was instrumental in spreading this Rowing outside Colombo as before rowing was limited to Beira lake. Bolgoda regatta contributed to the establishment of two new crews; namely Prince of Wales College Rowing Crew and the Bolgoda lake Rowing Club. The Bolgoda Regatta was also the pioneering multi-lane rowing competition in Sri Lanka. The regattas held at Beire Lake allows only 2 lanes in a 1km course whereas the Bolgoda Lake has the capacity to occupy 4 lanes with 2000m course and allows the oarsmen and women to race under international standards. This steered the national regatta to be held in this lake with the multi-lane capacity.


The first Bolgoda regatta was held in 2003 as a small scale competition, it was only a single scull regatta. The event was held in the premises of Ranmal Holiday Resort with the participation of 5 teams. This led the way to a new convention to the Sri Lankan rowers and the second Bolgoda Regatta was held in 2004 at the same venue and with a multi-lane 2km course. Six categories of events were held with the participation of 8 teams. After the third Regatta in 2005, Bolgoda was chosen as the venue for the rowing events of South Asian Games 2007(SAG 2007) and the first ever international rowing competition in Sri Lanka was held with the participation of India, Pakistan, Afghanistan and Sri Lanka. Pair events were introduced for the first time in fourth Bolgoda Regatta and 8 different race categories were held with immense success. The double scull events were introduced for the first time in fifth Regatta this competition which also was a significant milestone due to the fact that it marked the establishment of Bolgoda Lake Rowing Club based in Ranmal Holiday Resort under the patronage of Mr. Sithira Wickramasekera.


Following the paradigm created by the Mora Rowing Team, Bolgoda Regatta 2011 is going to be held for the 8th consecutive time in the premises of Ranmal Holiday Resort on the 2nd, 3rd and 4th of September. This event will be a tribute to our former chancellor Dr.Ray Wijewardana.


Dr. Wijewardena himself being one of the best oarsmen ever produced by Sri Lanka was the person behind the success of the Bolgoda Regatta. He will be fondly remembered by all oarsmen and women as the “Father of Rowing in Bolgoda”.  The champions of the Bolgoda Regatta 2011 will be presented the Dr. Ray Wijewardena Memorial Trophy. Make this event a memorable one by your presence and support.



-By Radhavi Samarakoon

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