"We have a dream to apply for IRB standards"-Buddhika Jayawardene
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Interview with University of Moratuwa rugby captain Buddhika Jayawardene


While getting ready for the Mora Academic Rugby 7s – 2011, Captain of the University of Moratuwa rugby team, Buddhika Jayawardene spoke with us about the tournament and his team. Third year colorsman Jayawardene led the team to the SLUSA Inter University Games final this year and he was the driving force of the team in this year’s successive run. 

Organizing an event in this capacity is not an easy task. We all know it’s hard to balance practices with our academic schedules. So imagine how it would be, when organizing is also added” Jayawardena told us. “This is totally a team work. Our alumni members are always willing to support us”   

So this is the 10th consecutive run of Mora Academic Rugby 7s. How is the organizing going on? Who made partnerships with you to make this event a reality?

Everything is set for an enjoyable rugby day. Mora rugby alumni gave a good guidance for us. We have Achievers Lanka Business School as our main sponsor for the event and Asian Finance and Sri Lanka Telecom both joined hands with us as co- sponsors. Need to thank university physical education department for their guidance and support.

What will be the tournament schedule?

We have planned to hold the opening ceremony at 8 AM and expect to run with the matches all out after that. We have 14 confirmed teams so far including Mora. So the schedule will be a tight one so we need the cooperation of teams. WPRFU will provide match referees and I make this an opportunity to thank them as well.

As similar to last year’s tournament, after first round matches, teams will play under cup, bowl and shield categories.

Though you mentioned this as an Academic Rugby 7s we saw there were OLD MORA teams playing in last tournaments. Isn’t it distracting the tournament purpose?

Actually they are the people who support us and guide us. There was no academic rugby tournament before they started this 10 years back. So as a tradition and to remark their service we allow one past Mora team to take part in the tournament.

Recently Old Mora performed well at Western Province Rugby 7s too. Most probably they’ll make their own club and play national circuits in near future.

In last inter university games you over ran Colombo team but lost your final to Peradeniya team. What are the preparations you have done in this time to avoid disappointments?

We have discussed with our coach and senior members and we followed a systematic training for the tournament. Yes. We lagged in some skills at that final and we need to improve in those areas. But this is not 15-a side game. This is 7s. I believe this will be a good chance for the youngsters to get experience and buildup their individual skills. 

There was a bitter incident took place last time between two invited teams and their fans. What are the precautions taken in this year to avoid such situations?

We have informed all the teams that one such incident may cause to ban the team from the entire tournament. Discipline is a vital matter in these days rugby in school level as well as in club level. Last time was really unfortunate because some of the spectators started it. It ruined the quality of the games. So I have a humble request to spectators that not to interrupt the game. 

How has the tournament improved since its inception?

Actually we have maintained the standards throughout the 10 years. Almost all academic institutes with rugby teams have played in this tournament at least once. This time we wanted to invite a few international teams but SLRFU didn’t give us permission due to bad condition of our ground. University has promised us that they will take necessary actions to develop the ground by next year. So we hope to reach the international level next year.

Also after that we have a dream to apply for IRB standards under academic category and make this as an international rating tournament.

Finally what would you like to tell your fans?

Mora fans were always with us. So I’m inviting all of them to come to the ground on 13th. Your support was a key factor to reach the position where we stand today.

Interviewed by Ranil Jayasuriya

Participating teams

  • University of Moratuwa A & B
  • Old Mora
  • South Asian Institute of Technology and Medicine [SAITAM] A & B,
  • University of Sri Jayawadenapura A & B
  • University of Rajarata
  • University of Sabaragamuwa A & B
  • American College of Higher Education
  • Australian College of Business & Technology (ACBT) A & B
  • National Institute of Business Management (NIBM)

Follow the link to answer the question in our facebook fan page who will win the Academic Rigby 7s -2011

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Mora rugby 7's is set to kick off for the 11th consecutive year
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The Annual Academic Rugby 7’s tournament (more fondly known as the Mora 7’s) organized by the University of Moratuwa Rugby team is to be worked off on the 13th of October 2011 at the University of Moratuwa Grounds. The tournament will feature the participation of most of the public universities in Sri Lanka and also some other private higher educational institutions in Sri Lanka.

For the 11th consecutive year, the coveted Prof. Lakshman Rathnayake Challenge Trophy will be back up for grabs. The prize will be competed for by about 20 teams from more than 15 Universities. The tournament will also constitute a Plate and Bowl Championship in addition to the Cup championships.

The tournament is well reputed for being the only Rugby tournament from Sri Lanka which brings together students from both public Universities and private institutions and provides an equal platform for competing. It is also the only Sevens tournament for Ruggerites pursuing tertiary education in Sri Lanka. It allows students from such diverse backgrounds to leave aside their differences and strive towards a common goal. It goes without saying that team work, sportsmanship, courage and determination of all competitors will come into play in addition to one’s rugby skills.

The Mora Rugby team will go into the tournament as warm favorites having won the tournament for 3 successive years – a tag that also comes with the pressure of being the defending champions. Of course given the short and unpredictable nature of Sevens Rugby, reputation and history amounts to nothing.  Judging by the standards displayed in previous years, any team would be wise not to walk in complacent when competing for crown.

Achievers Lanka Business School will be the main sponsors of the Rugby 7’s tournament. The Mora Rugby team is grateful to Achievers for the support they have extended towards the 7’s tournament and the team in general this year as they have done over the last few years.

-By Kirthevasan Kanadasamy

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The Three Titans of Rugby coalesce to see greater heights – Tri University Rugby League in sight
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Justalt after dusk yesterday, the 16th of June 2011 might mark the dawn of a new era for University Rugby. The three teams which are undoubtedly the best and dominant in the University Rugby sphere namely Pera, Mora and Colombo, represented by their respective Captains, Vice Captains and a few past ruggerites committed to the cause met up in pursuance of a Tri University Rugby League.

The objective of the rendezvous being inspired by the infamous Tri Nations International Rugby, was to take University level Rugby to a higher pedestal with enhanced opportunities, togetherness and recognition. Yesterday’s gathering took it upon themselves to take on the organizing, of which one of the key goals was to form a combined University team comprising the best of the best to compete at a higher level. Whilst acknowledging and appreciating this to be a tall task with many questions and obstacles ahead, the organizers are confident that the Tri University Rugby League is in sight.

-By Ajanthan Sivathas
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Mora Rugby Ready to Bring Back the Crown
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moraspirit visits to practice session


Moraspirit crew  met Mora Rugby players at Mora grounds yesterday. They were with their coach A.C.Tennakoon, preparing for the upcoming inter university season. Mora rugby has good track records in past few years but last year they lost to Peradeniya at the SLUG semifinals. This year they have put few fresh legs in with the combination of senior campaigners like Dammika Anura, last year skipper and Asanka Sellar. 

We spoke with Buddika Jayawardena captain of the team who is with full expectations for the inter university. “We will make few changes with the lineup. It’s great to have our senior players back in the team.It will be a huge advantage for us. It will come for as an added advantage. But we know winning a game is not just about star players. We need to do our home work right before the game. Basics come before everything ” Buddika, an old Senanayakian and 3rd year colorsman at University of Moratuwa will play crucial No 8 position.

A.C.Tennakoon appointed coach for 2011 said that he’s looking forward to achieve high colors at the Inter Uni games. “We have experienced line up in our forwards and I hope new youngsters have a big job at defending positions. We have few freshers but hope those young lads can get good experiences at first round matches. Every game is important to us and we have made our plans as game by game.

Mora Rugby will take their first match at RAJARATA grounds against University of Kelaniya. Moraspirit like to add our greetings to the team for a successful campaign.


Watch out for,

Buddhika Jayawardene :Being the captain of the team, Buddhika will be playing at the all important Number 8 position. As all crafty Number 8s he will look to exploit the blind side at scrums with his powerful hits and nifty breaks.

Dhammika AnuraKumara :Last year’s skipper and one of the most aggressive flankers in the University Rugby circle. Dhammika, well known for his tackles and excellent support playing will look to make his mark this year.

Asiri Udaykantha :Despite being relatively new to the team he has demonstrated how important an asset he is via his speed and power. The Mora forwards will be keen on making use of his speed and weight to gain ground as he pairs with Dhammika as the blind side flanker.

Yasas Saratchandra :Will be playing either at first or second Centre. With excellent pick up, speed and breaks Mora will look to use him to penetrate the opposition’s defence.

Charith Fonseka :One of the fastest legs in the team, ‘Fonny’ will be greedily awaiting the half chance to sneak in from the corner. Playing at the open side wing, he is sure to stretch the defence and trouble the opposition wing and full back.


Article by Ranil Jayasuriya


Mora Rugby Squad

1st row- Tuan Rahim, Yasitha Pandithawaththe, Nathal Dayarathne, Kirthevasan Kandasamy, Suranga Mendis

2nd row-Sankha Ranasinghe, Suneth Perera, Kanishka Rukshan, Isuru Gunasekara

Number 8s-BuddhikaJayawardene

Flankers- Dhammika Kumara, Asiri Udaykantha, Tharindu Prabatha,Kesera Weerathunga

Backs- Maithree Siriwardene, Nishan Madawanaarachchi, Asanka Sellar, Yasas Saratchandra, Charith Fonseka, Chamindu Kalansooriya, Damith Senanayake, Samith Dissanayake, Ranga Amesh, Chathuranga Kasun, Damith Sandaruwan 

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Old Mora Match & Get Together
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The Old Mora vs Present Mora Rugby match was played at the University Grounds on Saturday, the 26th March 2011.

The match in itself was a closely contested one. Despite having hung their boots years back, the aggression, passion and the will to win hadn’t died down in Old Mora. It is right to say, that the present Mora team was, to a certain extent stunned in the first few minutes of the game by the resistance exhibited by the Old Mora team. However Mora soon recovered and 15 minutes into the first half – courtesy of some excellent handling from the backs – scored via wing Chamindu. Fly half Maithree Siriwardene added the extra points with, what was a well judged kick at goal.
In the second half, Mora scored once again via skipper and Number 8, Buddhika Jayawardene, who broke away from a 5m scrum and stormed through the Old Mora defence for a try. Mora failed to convert the try, but it was enough to overcome any further challenge from Old Mora and secure the match 12-0.

The match was proceeded by an evening of socializing.

This year’s Old Mora vs Present Mora match was played for the first time. The Mora Rugby fraternity intends to continue this practice as it provides an exceptional platform for former Ruggerites to reunite, and the present Ruggerites to meet, talk and be inspired by the former Ruggerites who played their heart and soul out for their alma mater.

-By Kirthevasan Kandasamy

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