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The National Taekwondo Championship organized by the Taekwondo Federation of Sri Lanka was held on 6th and 7th of March 2012, at the Sugathadasa Indoor Stadium. The participants represented the three security forces, the military police and others national level clubs.

Three University of Moratuwa taekwondo players represented the Colombo district Taekwondo Association team in this tournament, and this must be demarcated honorably. Qualification eligibility is governed by the level of standard to enter to this event, and very few players at the university level get the opportunity to take part in this.

The UOM squad showed their strength and courage in the midst of the crowd.  Roshan Lalantha, who played in the light weight category, won the silver medal, where the champion trophy was clasped by the Sri Lankan Army. Manoj Randunu and Wijaya Ekanayaka were able to win bronze medals in the fly weight and the bantam weight categories respectively.

The best player of the tournament award was granted to Kosala Fernando, who represented the Special Task Force. It must be mentioned that the former champion (for the last consecutive eight years) in the bantam category, W.P.S Hettiarachchi, was not successful in this tournament.

This couple of days was proof that there are good omens in uplifting the Sri Lankan university standard in Taekwondo arena, solely as an upshot of their dedicated hard work and the continuous practicing. MoraSpirit extends its sincere wishes to the winners and all the teams that took part.

-By Treshani Perera




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The National Taekwondo Championship 2012
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The National Taekwondo Tournament organized by the Taekwondo Federation for the first time in the history will be held on 5th and 6th March at Sugathadasa Indoor Stadium. This event features all the national level clubs like Army, Navy, Military Police and it is an honor to state four players from University of Moratuwa will also compete in this.

Flashing back to year 2011 and 2010, The National Taekwondo Festival, which is a provincial level encounter, the names Wijaya Ekanayaka, Gemunusinghe Thangalle cannot be left unspoken. Wijaya who participated in that for the first time in 2011 under Bantam weight class won a bronze medal and Gamunu who made it both times won a bronze medal in 2010.

This tournament caters only the best in the Island and a very few players in the university level possesses that level of standard. Having such promising records the University of Moratuwa (UOM) squad, is determined to prove its worth in the coming games and bring glory home.


UOM squad

 Ekanayaka                  Bantam Weight
Manoj Randunu                     Fly Weight
Gemunusinghe Thangalle        Feather Weight
Roshan Lalantha                    Light Weight

By Malaka Batuwanthudawa


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